Shadow Gear Software

We are currently hiring!

Positions include:

Voice Actor:

  • Has access to a good quality microphone.
  • Has at least some experience.
  • Has some sample work.

Engine Programmer

  • Familiar with the languages C++ and Python.
  • Familiar with the Ogre3D sdk, Bullet Physics Libary, and the GoDot game engine.
  • A portfolio of past work.

Website Programmer

  • Experience with the GoDaddy site builder and HTML.
  • A portfolio of past work.

Texture Artist

  • Capable of using GIMP and Photoshop.
  • A portfolio of previous work.


  • Has understanding of Blender or GMax.
  • A portfolio of previous work.

If you are wanting a position in any of these feilds please check the contacts page. Thank you and have a good day.

Payment Terms: We currently are not making a profit due to the first game we are working on not being released yet, as soon as the game sells then payment will be discussed.